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I can tell you're 100% interested in becoming a "BIM Expert" because you're on this page. Is a profession in BIM what you should pursue? Answer these queries, and together, let's discover!

Do you find BIM Building Information Modelling interesting?
Would you be interested cracking the BIM job interviews easily and earn a high end salary?
Do you want to learn things that will help you pursue a profession in BIM?
Would you like to have greater clout in the job market?
Do you think building industry technology will be dominated by BIM in the future?
Are you tired of watching videos and reading unstructured materials?
You are unable to bear a poor investment?
Do you wish to improve your abilities but are unsure of where to begin?
Do you want to spend your days working on cutting-edge projects and technologies?

If your response is 'YES" I have solution for you!

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BIM Expert Courses

Choose BIM Expert course that fits your career


Learning Revit is made simply with the BIM modelling online course. BIM Modeling Course is broken down into its most basic components so you may quickly begin 3D BIM modelling and truly grasp the foundations of the tool.


The goal of the MANAGE course is to help you simplify your project, maintain healthy models, manage your data with Power BI, and construct a strong Revit template.

BIM families

Learn custom parametric family creation. You will undestand the most poweful way to design your own family in Revit and its parameters to flex easily.


BIM (Building Information Modeling) has revolutionized the way projects are conceptualized, designed, and executed, and Dynamo takes this innovation a step further by automating repetitive tasks and enhancing design precision.


Learn how to seamlessly integrate your design workflows with RHINO + GRASSHOPPER. From basic concepts to advanced techniques, participants will explore the fundamentals of parametric design, algorithmic thinking, and computational modeling.

Scan to BIM

Take advantage of point cloud data to create a 3D BIM model, and streamline your project documentation.

Download Ready

Do you want robust Revit templates and families? Do you want Dynamo script automation? Explore our collection of files ready to download.

BIM Template

Our BIM template is acknowledged as industry standard. Make all of your projects more efficient by simplifying tasks.

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Grab your PDF guidebook + Revit Project File and discover the methodical approach to resolving typical problems with design.

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Cabinet Collection

Download this easy-to-use and effective set of architectural Cabinet Collection + PDF Workflow Guide.

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Download this easy-to-use and effective set of architectural Fence Family + PDF Workflow Guide.

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Shelves Family

Grab your PDF guidebook + Revit Project File and discover the methodical approach to resolving typical problems with design.

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Dynamo Scripts

Consists of 20 Dynamo scripts for automating time-consuming tasks easily like deleting duplicate elements, adding wall finishes etc.

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Join me in my 1-on-1 live BIM Expert class via Zoom, 1-Hour Monday through Friday, where I will mentor you through the easy learning process of becoming a BIM Expert.


 Live Projects: Download Project Files.

 eBooks: Interactive PDF Workflow Guide.

 Weekly Task: Homework Assignments.

 Files: Additional Resources.

 Recorded Video: Life Time Access & Future Updates.

 Q&A: Questions and Answers Videos.

 Mockup Interviews: BIM Interviews Prepration & Free Job Assistance.

 Online Community: Join Our BIM Community & Upgrade Skill.

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BIM Skilled is an informative channel with more than 6k viewers. I share my 8 years of industry knowledge and expertise in a way where learning BIM is enjoyable for everyone.

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Prateek.M - Civil Engineer + BIM Coordinator

I'm a civil engineer with 8+ experience in BIM modelling and completed specialization in BIM from Singapore ATC. I've educated more than 150+ candidates with my 1-on-1 BIM coaching around the globe.

I help Civil Engineers and Architects transform their career in (BIM) Building Information Modeling Industry using BIM tools Like Autodesk Revit, Rhino-Grasshopper, Blender, Parametric Family Creation etc. into a bright career.

I post BIM Workflow Tips, Ideas, Life lesson, Freelancing Tips, Scale Business Strategies, and everything I experience along the way I learned in my career path. It's a creative journey you will want to be the part of it!

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